Luo Yu’s eyebrows showed approval,This is what she likes about Gu Qiao,Able to understand all the meaning she expressed in the shortest time。

“Yes,Huang Zhixuan’s uncle is one of Star Entertainment’s shareholders,Once Luban cannot continue to bring profits to Starlight Entertainment……”
“So he has to keep going。”
Luo Yu suddenly stopped,She saw a touch of worry in Gu Qiao’s eyes。
“Gu Qiao,I want to remind you,There are a lot of people staring at you now,Now the competition is getting fiercer,Last time you really thought that Lu Ban’s rumors would cause such a big heat?Is there no one else behind it??”
“As for you to ask Huang Zhixuan,Is it for Kong Xi or Lu Ban,I am not interested in knowing,But I don’t want to see you and this Luban in other news again.,
Gu Qiao is now in the upswing of his career,All the company’s resources are leaning towards her,If there are scandals at this time,Will undoubtedly cause bad effects。
Especially the scandal with Lu Ban。
Gu Qiao did not speak,Just glanced at the red bean milk tea in the assistant’s hand,She never drinks red bean milk tea,Red bean milk tea is Kong Xi’s favorite,Only Kong Xi knows this。
Luo Yu doesn’t know if Gu Qiao listened,But she still said firmly:“This Luban,Stay away from him anyway,otherwise……”
Not finished,Assistant director Zhang Hui came in。
Zhang Hui said with a smile:“Sister Luo is there,That’s great,I’ll find you alone again,That’s it,There happened to be an ending song,Director Liang asked Gu Qiao to sing,I putdemoBrought me the lyrics and music,Take a look。”
Finished,He passed the information in his hand。
Luo Yu looked at the column of the name of the songwriter on the material in his hand,Suddenly feel a bit embarrassed。
Two words are clearly written on it——