Liu Xiaoyun answered with a smile。

“cut,Just know to bully me,What’s this skill??”
Shen Ruoxue said unwillingly。
“What?I bully you!You are not mistaken!I can bully you?You can pull it down!I’m the one who is bullied to death by you every day, okay!Don’t you blush when you say this?”
Liu Xiaoyun immediately refuted Shen Ruoxue’s protest with confidence。
Li Qiao’er and Li Yaxin were amused……The two of them now like to hear Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun bicker most,Absolutely brilliant,So happy!
“What?I’m bullying you, why are you not happy?Others want me to bully me, why not bully?”
Shen Ruoxue immediately turned the words around again!Anyway, she is right。
“Oh,Then it’s my honor for you to bully me, right??”
Liu Xiaoyun asked dumbfounded。
“of course,Otherwise what do you think?”
Shen Ruoxue replied proudly,Take it for granted。
“Ok,You are right,I surrender。”