Originally when the battle was in despair,The fusion of thoughts by two high-ranking templars can trigger the ghost annihilation reaction to generate a powerful energy body.,At this moment, the energy monster that is overflowing with phantom energy is turned into a consul。

The moment the Archon was born,Countdown to life,The annihilation reaction that is constantly going on in the body usually has only a few hours to a few days of activity time.。
There is no need to question the power of the Archon,But it is also fragile and costly。Even before the start of the war of all ages,The whole age of Ayer is still united,High Templar Warriors are not stalls,The overall number is not even as large as the number of main battleships of the Protoss Golden Fleet。
therefore,Even many new-generation Protoss even dogmatically believe that two high-ranking templars must make self-sacrifice to become a consul。
That is ignorance。
The real reason is that there is no shortage of ammunition,Why should a high-ranked templar sacrifice himself??That’s because they are exhausted,So we need two people to work together。
And the real strong,One person can join the ball。
“Poer Overhelming”。
In less than zero and three seconds,Ruby.Before Loth killed,The Dark Templar chose to annihilate himself。
Who killed me?
I killed me!
The moment when the blood-red spherical energy body annihilated,The Protoss Master couldn’t bear the shock of the soul,Magic runaway,It burns into a human-shaped match。
And Carlos fighting head-on、Dorn、All three of Faram felt the enchanting coercion in the fortress。
Faram’s hand moves,Immediately attack,Donne took advantage of the situation to follow up,Carlos fights hard。
But after a while,During Dorn and Carlos Belit,The Void Spirit opens a dimensional fissure to escape into the void。
Carlos stepped up his hands to guard against Ethereal sneak attacks,Very anxious,This is something wrong。