“Master is still great,You can even think of such a plan。”

“That’s right,Is this still necessary?,This time we all prepare,Must kill them all。”
“As long as we all stand together,Want to solve them,Effortlessly。”
at this time,Those around,They never forget to say here。
And Lin Sichen,When I saw this scene,His face is even more proud of indescribable。
After all, look now,Actually such a thing,To be precise,Already fully in control。
And Lin Sichen looked at these people,Very satisfied。
“In this case,Then you should hurry up and make arrangements。”
“remember,There must be no mistakes,if not……”
When Lin Sichen was talking here,people around me,How could I not understand??
The people around,Promised,Will definitely complete this task。
Lin Sichen’s heart,I finally feel a little relieved。
“Thank goodness,If you think so,Actually speaking accurately,It seems you don’t need to worry about so much。”
When Lin Sichen saw this,At this moment,Lin Sichen’s heart,Even more secretly pondering here。
at the same time,Ye Xuan’s side,Bodyguard coming quickly。