Ning Rongrong and the others looked at Zhao Ming pretending to be a gold star。to be frank,Zhao Ming’s tendon meat is paired with the burning black flame wings behind him,Looks like a demon god coming out of flames,The damage to girls is absolutely great。

“I go,Zhao Ming,Are you opening up。”Seeing that it seems to be the black flame wing that grows completely from Zhao Ming,Li Yusong couldn’t help but sigh。
With Zhao Ming’s pair of wings,he knows,Under the Soul Saint,I’m afraid no one can kill him。
Under the Soul Saint,Even if Zhao Ming can’t beat it,It’s okay to run。Of course above the soul sage,That’s not necessarily,After all, the difference in spirit power is too great。
“Hehe,Teacher Li,Do your best。”Zhao Ming smiled。
“Ok。”Li Yusong nodded,Serious face。Seeing Zhao Ming’s appearance like a flame demon god,There was a thought in his mind。
Shouldn’t,He can really beat me?
As soon as this idea came up,Li Yusong was shocked。He just said that Zhao Ming picked soft persimmons,Just kidding。
After all, he is also a master of the soul emperor level,
If defeated by a new student Zhao Ming,Then he is really embarrassed。And I will definitely be treated as a laughing stock by those guys in the future。You know that when Zao Wou-ki came back with injuries from the freshman entrance test,He laughs at him。
Li Yusong frowned,Look in the direction of Zao Wou-ki。
Zao Wou-ki is looking at him with a smile。
Chapter One Hundred Seven Against Li Yusong(two)
“call。”Zhao Ming took a breath,Released the second Wuhun,Ancient Phoenix。
A fierce strange bird burning with black flame appeared behind Zhao Ming,The golden spirit ring belonging to the Tianmeng Ice Silkworm slowly rises,
After the appearance of the ancient undead spirit,The wings on Zhao Ming’s body seem to be pulled,Automatic opening,
Behind the flames,Zhao Ming is like a demon god coming out of flames,I feel a strong pressure just by looking at it。
“Teacher Li Yusong,You release Wuhun。”Smiled,Zhao Ming looked at Li Yusong。