“Hu Lai!!!Tenth goal of the season!He evened the score for Anton Star!”

(End of this chapter)
Chapter Sixty Three I just want
The sixth central defender Liu Gan of the South China Sea is responsible for defending Hu Lai in this game.,For this only played half a season,Forward who scored nine goals,Naturally he dare not take it lightly。
So when I saw Hu Lai suddenly withdraw from the penalty area to meet his teammates,He also rushed out。
Crossed the football to Zhang Qinghuan in Hu Lai,Then when I turn around and run,He still followed and withdrew。
He believes that he will follow Hu Lai every step of the way,This kid must have no results in this game。
really,Under his close watch,Zhang Qinghuan did not pass the football to Hu Lai,But chose to shoot directly。
Seeing this, Liu Gan didn’t take Hu Lai to heart.,His attention went to the football。
I want to see the result of Zhang Qinghuan’s shot。
So he, with his back facing Hu Lai, naturally did not see when Zhang Qinghuan shot the football out of the foot,Hu Lai rushed to the goal from behind him。
“While Zhang Qinghuan shot,Hu Lai did not stop,He seems to know that Nanhai goalkeeper Xie Fang will definitely let go!”Watching the slow motion replay of the goal, the Anton TV commentator naturally focused his attention on the goalkeeper Hu Lai.。
And in the previous live commentary of the goal,Before Zhang Qinghuan took a shot,Didn’t notice Hu Lai at all……
Even in the live broadcast room,The commentators who watched the game from the perspective of God did not notice Hu Lai,Not to mention the South China Sea players on the field。
Liu Gan was after seeing goalkeeper Xie Fang throw the ball and let go,I found out that Hu Lai had rushed to the front of the football。
So he reflexively raised his arm,Signaled to the referee that Hu Lai was offside。
No one cares about him。