But Hua Guo does not have this habit,There is no way to be rigid。

He didn’t even notice,Zhu Mei saw this scene,My eyes widened involuntarily。
One named“Surprise”Emoji,Showed on her face。
This week, a lot of masters give rewards,Suddenly a little flattered^_^
First42chapter Came to meet Teacher Chu Liuxiang
“Fang Shu,Xiao Qiao wants to be friends with you。”Buyiyi holds his hands together,Swayed slightly。
Shen Huan took the book and stood up,Dazed way:“is it?”
Buyiyi’s eyes are white,“Isn’t that great?”
“is it?”Shen Huan’s tone faded。
Watching him not disagree,Buyiyi’s tone is a little lower,“What are you going to do next?”
“What should I do?”The Tao of Shen Huan talking to himself,And squatted directly on the ground,Keep reading。
“Don’t you like her?”Buyiyi asked subconsciously。