[How to Fry Camellia Noodles]_Camellia Noodles_How to Fry_Cooking Noodles

[How to Fry Camellia Noodles]_Camellia Noodles_How to Fry_Cooking Noodles

I believe that many people like to eat camellia noodles, but most people do n’t pay attention to the practice of camellia noodles, and they buy them outside, but in fact if you pay more attention to some skills, you can alsoDo it yourself.

Method one, method of making: 1. Put flour in the pot, stir fry with low heat for about 10 minutes, when the flour appears wheaten yellow, it is ready to be cooked, remove it, and return to the original pot.

2. Add butter to the pan. When the oil is burned on a hot fire and the smoke will come out, immediately pour it into the cooked noodles and stir well.


3. Stir the black and white sesame seeds with a slight fire, sauté the walnuts and peel them, chop them into fines, and pour them into the fried noodles along with the melon seeds to make the fried noodles.

Usage: When eating, divide the fried noodles into 10 bowls, stir with boiling water to form a thick paste, then add the appropriate amount of white sugar and sugar osmanthus juice and mix well.

Features: This is a Beijing snack with Hui flavor. It is made from cooked fried noodles mixed with beef bone marrow oil and boiled with water. It has a thick paste, a delicate volume, and a sweet buttery aroma, which is suitable for the elderly.

Practice 2: 1.

Put 3 kilograms of water in the pot, add 10 grams of ginger, boiled green onion (pull knot), boil the water to remove the buoyant, remove the green onion, ginger, then leave the pot end for 10 minutes, and then grindRice, glutinous rice flour stir into the water.

Set the pot on a hot fire and simmer on a small fire.


500 grams of standard powder, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of soda, add 200 grams of water, mix well and knead, let stand for 1 hour, knead into strips, brush with vegetable oil, wire rods and juice.

When putting the vegetable oil in the pot and burning it to 70% oil temperature, the sweaty noodles are torn into 50 g knots, drawn into a line as thin as a twine, and stretched into the oil pan to be fried into oil tea dumplings.


After the vegetable oil is cooked in the pot, simmer into the peppercorns and pepper noodles to make pepper oil and red oil.

Fry the sesame seeds into thin noodles, chopped noodles with kohlrabi and finely chopped 15 grams of ginger.


When eating, first beat the eggs into a bowl and stir (one per bowl), then pour the camellia paste into the bowl and mix with the egg liquid, put salt, sesame noodles, pepper oil, red oil, sesame oil, ground ginger, kohlrabiGrains and green onions, the surface of rapeseed lake is combined with crushed rice dumplings.

Product features: salty, fresh and spicy with spicy, it is better to eat early, supper, especially in winter.