[Hawthorn blackberry plum peel tea]_ 山里 果 _How to make tea

[Hawthorn blackberry plum peel tea]_ 山里 果 _How to make tea


Wumei and Chenpi are very common in life. We should not be unfamiliar with the specific functions. They are often used by us.

When we use it, the easiest way is to drink water.

The functions and effects of various things are different. If we drink together, we can understand the main effects in detail.

So, what is the effect of Hawthorn Blackberry Plum Peel Tea?

The efficacy of hawthorn soaked in water: 1. Antihypertensive: The flavonoids, fresh products, and tricarboxylic acid extracts of this product are used in intravenous, abdominal and duodenal methods for acute hypotensive tests on cats.Show varying degrees of antihypertensive effect.

2. Increasing coronary flow: Hawthorn extract has obvious protective effect on experimental acute myocardial infarction in rabbits, and has a certain effect on increasing coronary blood flow in animals.

Different 5% hawthorn extracts can enhance the absorbing ability of Rb86 in conscious mice, and the increase rate of Rb86 absorption is all lower than zero.

4% Pansentine is large.

3. Cardiotonic: A variety of extracts of this product have cardiotonic effects on the heart of toads in vitro or in vivo. Among them, hawthorn triphosphate has a function of restoring the beating heart caused by natural fatigue or 10% chloral hydrate.

4. Hypolipidemia: The extract of this product has a significant hypolipidemic effect on young rats, and the experimental hyperlipidemia rabbits have significantly reduced total serum cholesterol after taking hawthorn for three weeks.

5, antibacterial: raw hawthorn, decoction of hawthorn hawthorn, granules, alcohol extracts, F. flandii, s. Neisseria dysenteriae, common proteus, antibacterial effect of antibiotics, analysis of experimental results,No significant difference in antibacterial effect.

The effect of soaking water in plum water to prevent aging If you want to truly enjoy longevity, you should not suffer from aging diseases.

Eating blackberry stimulates the secretion of parotid hormones, which can prevent deterioration.

So start today and eat one ume every day.

The food that modern people like to eat is refined foods such as refined white cereals, refined white bread, refined white noodles, refined white sugar, chemical seasonings, and animal foods.

Eating these foods will cause a sharp increase in toxins in the blood. Over time, blood circulation deteriorates and acid is produced.

Eating a black plum per day can help to clean up the blood, normalize blood flow, and eliminate excess acid.

Increased energy When blood is purified, metabolism is enhanced and the body naturally recovers energy.

Umeli’s citric acid helps to absorb vitamins and enzymes, as well as prevent disease and reduce fatigue.

Protects the digestive system. Ume has a disinfecting function and prevents food from decaying in the stomach.

The effect of soaking in water is to treat the cough and phlegm. If your body has cough and phlegm, you can prepare the tan peel, ginger, and walnuts, and then fry them together with water, which can make your body healthy.

Second: Stomach pain Due to the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, many people experience stomach pain due to the unscientific life and lifestyle. At this time, you can reverse the rational qi, adjust the appetite, and dry the phlegm.

Prepare the peel, ginger and brown sugar, then cook the peel and ginger with water, then add a small amount of brown sugar and stir well before taking.

Third: vomiting can be used to relieve qi, adjust the appetizer, dry the dampness and reduce phlegm, and prepare the peel, rice and ginger juice, then fry the ginger juice and the peel with water, or add rice for porridge.Good treatment of vomiting.

Fourth: Scald If the body has a burned part, you can also wipe the skin with the skin.

Fifth: Chronic gastritis finely grinds the dried Chenpi into powder, then adds a small amount of white sugar, and then brews it with warm water for fasting.