I’m not pregnant

I’m not pregnant

Career case: Tony is what we usually call a successful Shanghai student, studying at a key high school in Shanghai, and being admitted to a popular major in a first-rate university in Shanghai.

In the school years, Tony was smooth sailing, and he got the envy of his peers and their parents.

But these advantages should not have been useful in choosing a career.

Tony’s first advanced company is an IT enterprise that hasn’t been established recently. As a well-known school student with unique talents in research and development, it is bound to fail to get better professional influence and skills development in such an enterprise.

When Tony found that many of the company’s practices were not scientific and the level of staff was generally low, he no longer liked the company because he couldn’t learn what he wanted to learn.

  After having such an unsuccessful one-year work experience, Tony jumped to another IT company, but after three months of personal experience, he found that this company was replacing the same one, and seemed to be more than that.Oops.

It was only then that Tony, who had been hit hard, realized that he had fallen into a strange circle.

Seeing that his former classmates did well in large enterprises, he said that he had a few times his salary, and there was an unusually bright future. He really felt that he would have been hated for a long time.

  Profession analysis: According to the results of professional temperament evaluation, Tony’s professional temperament belongs to the type of research and development. He is a personality who has independent opinions on things and dares to make speeches.

At the same time, a professional consultant believes that Tony is not suitable for dealing with people continuously and alternately. He is often too sensitive to the speech of others, which will cause emotional changes and affect the quality of his communication with others.

His suitable career type tends to belong to IT engineering, software development, financial research or academic institutions. Pure business jobs are not suitable for Tony’s personality.

  Based on the above evaluation results and the actual observations of professional consultants, combined with Tony’s education background, Tony’s IT direction has not been wrongly selected, but he has not entered a regulated company after graduation and has not obtained a long-term and sustainable development.Career, so that in the year after graduation, the professional gold content has not been developed normally.

In today’s highly competitive workplace environment and work experience-oriented company selection principles, Tony does face a big choice in life, and mediocrely waits for miracles in ordinary small businesses to take the initiative to grasp his career direction and jump out inProfessional loach.

  Preliminary career planning: 1. Full use of career direction and personal resources. Career consultants based on Tony’s experience from high school to the present point out that Tony’s biggest mistake is that he did not make full use of his qualifications to win good career opportunities.

Therefore, the professional consultant believes that Tony’s first professional idea is to build things.

In view of Tony’s professional temperament type, career consultants determined that entering a high-level company is the starting point of Tony’s career planning. It is necessary to establish such a belief in order to obtain a successful career.

  Since it is a research and development type person, you must obtain your own professional gold content in theory and technology.

What kind of opportunity can be provided is definitely in large projects, in an excellent team, with the help of a group of high-level teachers.

From this point of view, we can find that Tony has two choices, one is to enter a company with considerable technical heritage, and the other is to enter a first-class international university for upgrading.

  2. Necessity of entrance examination is Tony’s strong point. Tony has just graduated from university for one year now, and choosing to further study is a good way out.

Considering the high-level technology leaders or leaders in the contemporary IT industry, there are no exceptions for master’s and doctoral degrees.

If Tony regards them as a long-term (more than 10 years) career goal, it is necessary to obtain such an academic capital.

Throughout Tony’s experience, his experience in the IT industry obviously does not meet his future development goals.

Tony has a good academic talent, and a career consultant believes that he can complete GRE exams in a relatively short period of time. His prestigious school background can provide a fairly good support. Why not make full use of these existing resources, forSeek a higher knowledge background yourself.

  3. Rebuild confidence In the interactive consultation process with Tony, professional consultants can fully realize Tony’s misgivings about the future and his unfair destiny.

The lack of confidence has indeed become an obstacle to his job search.

This will have no small impact on his current job search or other aspects of his life.

  Career advisers tell Tony that many people have temporary depression or unwillingness, especially in the absence of a career plan.

Tony graduated only one year. Although his job was very bumpy during this year, not as smooth as his classmates, Tony graduated with more than ten years of successful schooling experience, during which he accumulated knowledge andSkills are just not developed professionally.

Is it necessary to obliterate the success of more than a decade in order to fail this year?

Of course it is unnecessary and should not be.

So career advisers say Tony isn’t an unsuccessful person, let alone someone who doesn’t want to succeed.

He should have enough confidence to face his career journey in the coming decades.

  Seeing Tony again every month, he smiled and became more confident.

He has successfully completed the procedures for studying abroad and will continue to study in the United States his favorite IT major.

  Apocalypse from the career consultant: Tony in this case is very special. On the road to the workplace, such “geeks” often experience psychological unhappiness after experiencing some dissatisfaction.As a result, he lost his motivation to move forward, and was inactive in mediocre positions, wasting his talents and delaying his professional life.

  It’s not terrible to be pregnant with Huai Cai, what’s terrible is the loss of motivation.

Career consultants tell us that determining your own position and formulating a long-term career plan are the first steps.Making full use of your academic resources, and even additional investment in academic capital, are all homework that must be done in order to achieve a career direction.

  Professional consultants believe that although returnees have been bearish in recent years, the bearish are all returnees with low academic value.

Returnees who have really graduated from prestigious schools will never be stranded anywhere.

After clarifying one’s goal of going abroad for further studies, going abroad for further study will provide great help to one’s career development.

“Education investment is the most valuable investment”, and it is not a fallacy because the recent returnees are not optimistic. For a person with a clear career goal and the right direction, it will also guide you to the best aspects.

  In the end, you must always face the challenges with confidence, and increase your awareness of and correct preparation.

Everyone can do it, and it can be done.

Resume packaging and interviewing techniques are a great way to do this right now and increase your confidence.

  In summary, gold always shines. At the beginning of the new year, the workplace is renewed. When you are confused in your career, when you doubt your potential, do not prevent you from asking professional Hurdon career consultants for career planning issues.Pointing to get lost, and seeing the future, Tiangao was allowed to fly.