Psychological test: Lip shape recognition of women’s psychology

Psychological test: Lip shape recognition of women’s psychology

Question: Beauty experts divide women into five categories with different personalities according to their lip shapes. See if your (her) lip shape is one of the following?

  A, full and sexy lip shape B, uniform up and down proportions, elegant loneliness C, wide lip shape but relatively symmetrical D, upper and lower lip shapes are thin and lip shape is small and restrained Psychological analysis: A, full and sexy lip shape passionlip.

Fully showing the dramatic personality traits, some women do not like to be restrained, call themselves strong, even a little wayward, do whatever they like, like to create unexpected surprises and experience different lives.

  B. Lips with even and upright proportions and elegant lines.

This type of lip shape reflects prudence, introversion, and is quite talented. It is suitable for becoming an artist and sincere to yourself or others, but it is emotionally passive and embarrassed to show loved ones.
  C. Lips are wide but well-proportioned. Those with this type of lips are usually strong women, with a calm personality, optimistic and quite subjective, and often have emotional feelings in rational thinking.

They have a strong personality and fully possess the qualities of a leader.

  D, the upper and lower lips are thin and the lips are small and restrained.

Indeed, women with lip shapes are usually clear-minded, quick-thinking, and have the ingenuity to adapt. They are standard analysts and practical practitioners.

They are quite calm in their emotions and are not easily affected by their emotions. They are intellectual women.