Choose a fruit diet based on your condition

Choose a fruit diet based on your condition

When the human body is in different periods, it needs different nutrients, and we can take nutrients from three meals a day, or from fruits.

And we will now introduce what kind of fruits we should add at different times, and the details are as follows: 1. Wrinkle prevention-Mango is the best fruit for preventing wrinkles because it is rich in richB-carotene and a unique enzyme can stimulate skin cell vitality and promote metabolic replacement.

  2, athlete’s foot erosion-people who lack vitamin B1 in orange are susceptible to athlete’s foot erosion.

In this case, the best choice is orange, which adds vitamin B1 and helps glucose metabolism.

  3, Perm dyeing-Avocado perm dyeing process will take away the moisture and oil from the hair and make the hair dry.

Mature avocado contains 30% of the precious vegetable oil-oleic acid, which has a special effect on dry hair.

  4, long-term smoking-long-term smoking of grapes accumulate a large amount of toxins in the lungs and impaired function.

The active ingredients contained in grapes can increase cell metabolism and help detoxify lung cells.

In addition, grapes also have expectorant effects.

  5, excessive use of eyes-papaya excessive use of the eye, the retina photoreceptor key substance vitamin A is consumed in large quantities, you need to eat papaya that can provide a lot of vitamin A.

  6. Gingival bleeding-People who lack vitamin C in kiwi become weak and often bleed and swell. The vitamin C content of kiwi is the most abundant in fruits.

  7. Muscle strain-After the pineapple muscle strain, the tissue becomes inflamed, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the injured part is red, swollen and hot.

The pineapple protease contained in pineapple has anti-inflammatory effect and can promote tissue repair.

  8. Excessive use of brain-Banana excessive use of the brain results in a lack of vitamins, minerals and metastasis in the human body. Supplementing bananas can provide the necessary nutrients and alleviate negative emotions.

  There is something special to eat, there are wonderful uses.

When we are eating fruits, we must eat them selectively. We should choose according to our own physical conditions. Don’t eat blindly. It is possible that you are eating fruits that are not suitable for your physical condition.Our most correct way of eating.