Of course the girls below are young and beautiful,And young and beautiful。

After all, the rich second generation,The clothes and dresses are different from those of poor children,And the spouses of the rich generation are more beautiful in most cases,As long as you don’t follow Dad,Can control the diet a little bit,Manage your figure,Not too ugly。
but,It’s impossible to be pretty,There is always something ugly,And some are fat。
Fang Hao doesn’t mind being those young and beautiful girls“brother”,but,Really reluctant to be those short, ugly and fat“brother”。
but,what else can we do?
Standing under this stage,All of them are gold masters,And they are all big money owners。
For life,No matter how disgusting, I can only stand it。
Life is like this,For a better life,You need to reach a compromise with this world in reluctance。
After the order stabilized,Start giving out gifts to a girl who came to the meetup。
A lot of gifts have been placed on the stage。
Everyone is a big schoolbag,School bags are originally gifts,There is Fang Hao’s signature book inside,And the kettle with Fang Hao’s head,Teacup or something。
This belongs to the surrounding。
Although it is not for sale,It’s a free gift,But the wool is on the sheep,This money is still deducted from the crowdfunding。
30Multi-million dollar crowdfunding,Deduct all expenses,Can still make a fortune。