Everyone turned around and looked。
Outside the gate,A tall and thin figure standing。
That person walked in slowly,Is an old man,Very simple and elegant temperament。
Walked in front of Mrs. Zhang,The old man said:“Mrs. Zhang,happy Birthday。”
Old lady Zhang was stunned。
this person,How could she not know!
Mrs. Zhang has loved antiques for so many years,The person I have always admired most is Mr. Gao Ziyu in China。
He is known as the first person to play antiques in China,Experience in this area,No one can match!
only,How could this big man come to his birthday party?
The old lady got up quickly,Said:“Mr. Gao,I miss you far away!”
Gao Ziyu shook hands politely,Turned and said:“this painting,Is from me,My Gao guarantees my life’s reputation,This painting is definitely authentic。”
Where to use guarantee,In the world of antique writing,Gao Ziyu is authority!
“If you have different opinions,You can discuss with me。”
Chapter Eighty Nine I envy you?
Talking,Gao Ziyu deliberately stared at Mr. Zhou。