“I know the name Xie Mingcai。”Ou Zhaozhao didn’t have too much emotion,Speaking directly about the plot of Xie Yunchu,“Appeared before,Xie’s family will have a car accident,In the plot of Qiao Yue,Xie Jian’s daughter Xie Baixing was replaced,Because the head of the Xie family is not Xie Lingheng, Xie Baixing did not return to the Xie family,Qiao Yue’s fate hasn’t changed.”

Ou Zhaozhao first talked about the previous plot,“This one,Do you remember?”
Baby Ou nodded,“I remember that。You suspected Xiaoyun was a cannon fodder。He said his family should have died in the car accident that year.”Xiaoyun’s parents have always been tolerant and loving towards her,Because she was self-willed,Stumbled on Xiaoyun。But they are not so grateful because they are alive,But because Xiaoyun is alive.Baby Ou has to admit,She likes Xiaoyun,Also because of his family atmosphere。
“I can tell you clearly now,Xie Yun’s Family,All dead。”Ou Zhaozhao holds Baby O’s hand,“In the plot I know,Xie family in power,It’s Xie Yuanheng。He has an illegitimate daughter,Xie Mingcai。Xie Mingcai married Yuze,One daughter left,Yuzhi。She is the heroine in this plot。”
“.”Baby Ou takes a deep breath,Calm down,Xie Yuanheng,It’s the father of Xie Tianbai that I saw in Xie’s that day。
“The hostess has a big brother uncle,Xie Tianbai.”Ou Zhaozhao continued。
“.”well,The family needs to be neat and tidy。Baby Ou couldn’t hold back,Rolled his eyes。
Ou Zhaozhao ignored the girl’s grimace,Keep talking about the role,“The hero is a second-generation actor named An Renjie。His father’s name is An Shicheng。”
“.”Baby Ou can’t help it anymore,Snorted,What and what,“You are indeed the plot?Didn’t you make it up in a dream??”
Ou Zhaozhao patted her,“Listen to me!!!”
“An Shicheng’s sister is obsessed with Yuze,But Yuze didn’t choose her sister,Instead, he chose Xie Mingcai, who was not as good as his sister in terms of background and appearance。This caused An Shicheng’s sister to be depressed。An Shicheng’s wife is Huaiying,He An is Cheng’s sister An An is a close best friend,So the couple hate Yuze,I think Yuze won’t marry He Liao,Is a scumbag。Then An Renjie met Yuzhi who had just entered the entertainment industry,I didn’t know her life experience at first,I feel in love with her.”
Don’t give Ou Baobao a chance to complain,Ou Zhaozhao finished in one breath,“Later, An Shicheng broke Yuzhi’s life experience,These two were already young lovers at that time。Then began to have a deep relationship,You chase me,You ran and I chased this kind of drama,What abortion,Car accident,Third party or something,It doesn’t matter anymore。Anyway, after millions of words of sadomasochism,These two finally used their unswerving love,Moved An Shicheng and Yuzawa,Just together,Gave birth to a pair of twins。”
correct,“The villain is called Ai Youyou,Ai Youyou’s mother is Ai Xiaojin。”
“Ai Youyou likes An Renjie,But An Renjie also has a deadly enemy。An Renjie’s mother,Huaiying,Her father once had a wife,But one corpse and two lives in the birth,died。This hard-failed wife is called Ou Zhaozhao,Is Ai Youyou’s aunt。Ai Youyou bullied Yuzhi and retaliated against An Renjie,While seducing An Renjie in the name of revenge.”
Baby Ou can’t hold on,She really can’t hold on,“stop.Let me calm down.”