“OK then,When did you study,Come and give me the injection anytime,or,I can go to your place!”Li Qianying nodded,Very empathetic。

Mo Xiaosheng then used the acupuncture method of the original Guizang Bagua combination to give Li Qianying the needle.,This time everything went well,Nothing unusual,It can be seen that there is indeed something wrong with Mo Xiaosheng’s Dharma needle method。
After coming out of Li’s house,Mo Xiaosheng was thinking about the needle just now,Carefully recalled my needle position, needle angle and strength,Make sure you have the right points,As for the auxiliary needle,Less likely to go wrong,So he was puzzled,Don’t understand why that strange situation occurs。
Could it be that Li Qianying’s physique is not suitable for this needle method?But this situation does not meet the side effects mentioned in the acupuncture method at all.。
Mo Xiaosheng is puzzled,I’m not willing to give up the opportunity to treat Li Qianying,So after returning to the hospital, he didn’t help Dou Xinyi sit for a consultation.,I ran to the inner lounge and continued to study the fifth needle of Dharma Needle,Shocking!
Not for a while,Li Zhen suddenly came and knocked on the door,“Mr,Mr,Guest here!”
“The guests,Who?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his head and asked angrily,He’s feeling upset right now。
“Second brother,I forgot my brother so soon?”
At this moment, a familiar voice came from outside,Then I saw a figure walking in with a cane。
“Jin Qi!”
Mo Xiaosheng saw that the person was Mo Jinqi,Suddenly looked happy,Hurriedly got up and walked over and hooked his shoulder,Look up and down,Smiled:“I am going to see you these two days,how about it,How is recovery!”
“Thanks to the medicine prescribed by Brother,The doctor said the bones healed well,high speed,I guess it won’t last long,You can get out of bed and walk!”Mo Jinqi smiled,“But my mother is worried,Have to bring me over to see you again,Get some medicine by the way!”
“Easy to say,go,Go to the lobby!”