[How to save persimmon for a long time]_How to save_How to save

[How to save persimmon for a long time]_How to save_How to save

Persimmon is a fruit that ripens in autumn and is also a fruit that has certain benefits to the human body.

After the persimmon matures, it is also sufficiently fragile to preserve. It needs some treatment to ensure that the persimmon does not rot, and it is a persimmon that can be eaten within a relatively long displacement.

So, how can persimmons last?

Here is the relevant knowledge for everyone.

1. Choose a cool, dry, well-ventilated room for indoor storage. After burning sulfur for disinfection, spread 15-20 cm thick grass on the ground, and stack the selected persimmons gently on the grass, 4-5 layers thick.

You can also stack persimmons.

For temperature and humidity control, if there is no refrigeration equipment in the room, when the temperature is higher than 0 ° C, ventilation should be adopted in the morning and at night, and the doors and windows should be sealed during the day to prevent heat.

When the relative humidity is lower than 90%, it should be humidified appropriately.

This method has a shelf life constant.

2. The open-air shelf should be selected in a higher terrain and a cool place.

2 meters rack, width and length depends on the storage capacity. Put bamboo or corn stalks on the rack and 10-15 cm thick straw. Place the selected persimmon on the rack, about 30 cm thick.

When the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, it needs to be covered with straw to keep warm.

A ridge-shaped canopy is set on the top of the frame.

This method can be stored until the beginning of April of the following year. The color and quality of persimmons are still good.

3. Natural Freezing The natural freezing method is to place persimmons in a cool place and allow them to freeze.

Choose a low alkali level, dig a wide trench at the back, each with a depth of 35 cm, lay 5-10 cm of corn stalk in the trench, and put about 5 layers of persimmon on top.Grasses, keep cool.

The storage period is 3-4 months, until the sale is thawed in the warm spring.

4, modified atmosphere storage is divided into two types of rapid oxygen reduction and natural oxygen reduction.

Rapid oxygen reduction is to continuously pass 30% of the oxygen content of the pre-mixed good mixed gas into a plastic tent or bag continuously, or use nitrogen to reduce oxygen, so that the fruit is quickly in a suitable gas.Environment.

5. The natural oxygen reduction method is to seal the fruit in a polyethylene plastic bag (tent), and adjust the gas composition in the bag through the breathing effect of the fruit.

Then measure the gas in the bag daily or regularly

When the oxygen content is less than 3% and the carbon dioxide content exceeds 80%, add air to the bag or absorb it with slaked lime (put 0 per 100 kg of fruit).

5-1 mm slaked lime, which can be replaced when slaked lime fails).

At 0 ℃, sweet persimmon varieties can be stored for about 3 months, and astringent persimmons can be stored for about 4 months.