Pacers start5Win5negative,This result can only be said to be average。

But they can beat the Cavaliers、Can beat the Celtics,Can also lose the Timberwolves、Lose magic.
This walker looks a bit wrong。
Is this a strong team inspection machine??
The kind that gets stronger?
“do not be afraid!”
“We will shit him when we meet!”
For this statement,The Bulls don’t recognize!
The Pacers defeated the Cavaliers,They also defeated the Cavaliers,not to mention,They will not lose to teams like Timberwolves and Magic,Lose their identity like that。
“In the next game I will let them know what cruelty is!”
Jimmy Bulls·After Butler attached a picture of Wade’s wife on Twitter,Another sentence below。
I know the truth,What do you mean by putting my wife’s photo on it?
Can’t i lift the knife?
“misunderstanding,misunderstanding,All misunderstanding,I just found one,Misplaced,Misplaced.”
Jimmy·Butler recognized in time。
“I found one on my phone.”Butler added hastily。