Chapter three thousand nine hundred and fifty-two You are also a little naughty girl

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Walking under such a night sky,People’s mood is basically calm,beautiful。
The difference from daytime is,This time the girls were not released,But we got together and walked together,And the team didn’t drag on too long。
Several cars flashed their lights and drove out from a short distance,That’s the base patrol unit preparing to change defense。
Occasionally there are animal calls from far away,But the girls basically can’t tell what the animal is calling。
“In fact, it’s not bad to build a hut in this place for a long time。”
Shen Ruoxue is dreaming again。
“impossible,Live here for a long time,How to get your living supplies?Do you grow your own food??”
Liu Xiaoyun replied。
“Have a base。”
Shen Ruoxue said of course。
“Oh,You mean eating and drinking for nothing in the base,After eating and drinking, I live a pastoral life with white clouds and blue sky outside the base, right??I would like to ask:Why does the base feed you in vain??”