The smell on this woman is really good,Compared to the mixed smell in the car,This is the real feminine fragrance。

Very light,But very fascinating。
Only 21 years old,Won’t you still go to college??
Lin Dong thought,At this time Qin Xiaomi has already opened the door of the bar,He hastened to keep up。
The note bar is quiet,The soft piano music floats,Dim light does not affect vision,Very nice atmosphere,Gives people a very relaxed feeling。
Qin Xiaomi knew that Lin Dong shouldn’t have been to such a place,So let him sit down in the corner,She went to the bar and brought two glasses of wine。
Big cup,Light yellow wine,But very few,Only half a cup。
“Whiskey,Have a taste。”
Qin Xiaomi sit down,Looking at Lin Dong,Seems curious about Lin Dong’s reaction to this place for the first time。
Lin Dong nodded,Pick up the wine glass,Shook,Watching the drinks,But did not drink,Then I looked up at Qin Xiaomi。
Two people look at each other,Pondering each other,Did not dodge。
But Qin Xiaomi was disappointed,She didn’t see the expression Lin Dong should have,She only saw its strange hot eyes。
This guy is good at pretending!