“Doctor Mo,This……”Dong Yichen is obviously a little worried。

“Do not worry,I can handle it。”Mo Xiaosheng smiled and believed in himself,“If I can’t even manage them,How can I teach them well?。”
Dong Yichen nodded and walked out,When I left, I didn’t forget to point at a group of students and sternly:“Be serious!”
But he just walked out,The classroom suddenly became noisy again。
Mo Xiaosheng opened the book,Knocked the desk hard with the blackboard eraser,Shen Sheng:“be quiet!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s voice is not loud,But it’s extremely penetrating,Everyone could not help but tremble after hearing,There was a hint of timidity in my heart,Unconsciously he quieted down。
Annie’s complexion couldn’t help but change,Mo Xiaosheng’s two shouts,It reminds her of Huaxia’s qigong。
Qigong is a traditional Chinese way of maintaining health and curing diseases,It was popular in ancient times,But now,Already in decline,Qigong now,And originally called“Control the spirit”The essence of qigong is very different。
Now Mo Xiaosheng roars,It makes people feel timid,It’s really similar to Qigong。
Annie’s eyes looking at Mo Xiaosheng couldn’t help but become thicker again,What kind of man is this?
“Before i come,I heard that a teacher has taught you this course for more than a month,But after more than a month,You haven’t figured it out yet,It can be seen that you are not serious about studying!”
Mo Xiaosheng’s voice is low,Poker face,Quite like a strict teacher,All the students in the classroom looked at each other,Did not dare to speak。
“Now I will tell you again,Hope you listen carefully,Remember the point,Don’t humiliate my Chinese medicine culture!”
Mo Xiaosheng said coldly,Then I turned two pages,Continue:“Now I start to explain from the inspection,Inspection is mainly divided into overall inspection、Local inspection、Look tongue、Hope discharge、Looking at the five major parts of children’s fingerprints,Among them, the overall inspection mainly focuses on seeking God、Look at、Looking body、Look,Today, I will focus on explaining to everyone the hope of God and harmony……”